Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog Monkey

Well, this being my first installment and all, I intend to keep this short. So, a list of things I am and things I amn’t.

1. Male.
2. Of age. There will be discussions of drunken soirees and loin-tearing sexual escapades.
3. Straight. Though I figure if my love life continues as such, I may give up and go full out asexual.
4. Cynical. I like to call it ‘worldly’.
5. I work in entertainment. Though it seems that those who work in entertainment are the least entertained. We’re a sorry bunch.
6. A cad. I’ll admit that up front so you don’t suddenly realize it one day. Bask in my warmth.
7. An artist, though I’ll be the last to truly admit it. I prefer ‘art-whore’. The half-assed banner should be testament to my malaise.
8. I like older cars.
9. Political, damn you.
10. Mm-boy… love coffee. What, kids slaving in the fields in Nicaragua? Give them my love, they do good work!


1. A c omput_er genius. Mistakes will be made, and I do not care. If I link some horse-porn site by accident, sit back and chuckle, I’ve done it again. Enjoy the horse-love if you are so inclined, as a bonus. Just no play-by-play.
2. A winter lover. My S.A.D. should kick in soon, with hilarious results. I just hope the hilarity doesn’t wind me up in a gurney.
3. A church-goer. Don’t believe in the man upstairs. I’m on the top floor anyhow.
4. A conservative or out-and-out liberal. I may be the only ‘liberal fascist’ I know.
5. A sports fan (anymore). Those apes make too much cash acting like pre-schoolers. I do that for free, dammit!
6. Insular.
7. sated
8. A ‘responder’. Say what you’d like, but in most cases I will not respond. This is my damned forum, not yours… savvy?

Well, that was robotic. However, I think it’s a good primer for what to expect. I may post more often than once a day, and sometimes go for weeks without a post. I will never say who I am or where in particular where I live. I plan to spill the beans… think I want some cuckolded husband ringing my bell in the late hours? I may change the banner at one point or another.


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