Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pies and Other Occurances

Pie is dead.

Long live pie.

Used to be, pie showed up everywhere. No, not the run of the mill pecan confection we see today, but meal pies. All that has been left behind to hold fort is the measly and bland chicken pot pie, whilst all other meat and meal pies have been relegated to the giant freezer in the sky, lost and lamented by a few sodden old gents at the curling club as they pine over the delights that their long-dead mothers used to make... truly sad, these souls, relegated to trudging through yet another defrosted, soul-crushing Sara lee chicken pie tragedy.

Fortunately, on the other side of the pond, there is a pale beacon of hope. Brits still like their pies, and I assume their heathen, island stranded, sheep buggering ilk, the Aussies and kiwis, dig them as well. Our taste buds in Canada are now on the American diet, high in the flavorful dietary groups of 'burger and burger-like items' and 'processed something-or-other', so the whole concept of pie (except the tortiere of bass-ackwards Quebec, which is also becoming extinct) is flying out the window to the waiting dustbin.

Brits love pie. As I wipe away a tear, I extend my gratitude towards them flying in the face of American burger imperialism and the pressures of daily life (you know how long it takes to roll a decent crust?!), as they continue the fine, crusted tradition of pie-making. Long lost on these shores, it warms the cockles that they soldier on with their archaic traditions such as this, as well as the near-useless monarchy, manners, and obsessive hand-wringing. Now, if new concepts such as 'breath mints' and 'tooth-brushing' could only be implemented, perfection truly could be achieved.

This man often showcases his fine pies, and I love him for it. http://www.blogjam.com/
Just never mind his 'egalitarian' political views. More pie less sense, dammit!

Tomorrow, a related topic... 'Paris is burning, are the croissants safe?'

Or not.


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