Thursday, May 10, 2007

We're Not Satisfied Until You're Not Satisfied

Are my posts not fulfilling, sort of like those sugar-free muffins that have no dates or raisins in them? I take great pride in the fact that I ramble on incoherently. Even the banner above looks haphazard, an infantile mishmash of junk, with a screeching chimp thrown in, because all the world loves a chimp. I could have drawn it, I can actually draw quite well... but I did not, I just did a half-assed Google search. I even misspelled 'Chimp' (chmp, if you must know), further evidence of my laziness.

Anyhow, go here, buy a trinket... get me something while you're there. I'd like an ill-fitting T-shirt, perhaps, or one of those rubber grommets that keep your pencils from rolling off the desk. Do they sell those?


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