Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Embrace Your Inner Lout, or, the Science of Loutism

Vive la revolution, estie colisse de tabarnac!

Well, I know I (and my car) won’t be going to France any time soon. A social system that refuses to acknowledge any racial and religious differences, combined with underlying racism that could only be perpetuated by the Francais and a severe lack of meaningful work has allowed for a societical crush that may damage more than the errant Renault. On both sides of the barbed wire we have a degree of asinine self-interest that could only be bred out of extreme loutism.

On one side, take the white, cheese-eating, unbathed francophone population. Since the government does not recognize any religious or racial differences, they have the benefit of a society run by and for pretty much only them. Since there are no affirmative action programs (why? Other races ‘don’t exist’!), it allows for an unfettered and unchallenged system of conscious, near-forced segregation. Often in job want ads it is outlined that ‘outsiders need not apply’. This, in North America is punishable by law. In France, it is common practice. No jobs, no advocation, no representation... what, are they becoming Canadian? They have marginalized and excluded the massive immigrant population to such a degree that…

Young people, of Allophone (foreign) decent have begun a revolt. Since they have been marginalized and ignored for so long, they realize that political and societal change are not forthcoming. Like the slums of New Orleans, they have been left penniless and desperate, to barely survive on the edges of society. However, unlike in America, where the government has succeeded in getting the downtrodden to spew violence against each others in these areas, it has not happened in France. The youth are smart enough here to direct their anger and stupidity at those truly in ownership of their misery. So, Paris burns.

Paris burns and nothing is learned. All that will happen is a deepening of hatred and animosity (c’mon, how do you think they’d react?), and the hawks will get their police state. Burning cars does not beget jobs, well, except maybe in the auto and insurance industry. Loutism rules! I just hope those buttery little victims, the true victims, the croissants, do not suffer. The humanity!

Speaking of louts, Georgie boy is currently in China telling them 'Chinee' to relax restrictions on their people and allow ‘freedom to ring’, or some such horse-pat ass-monkey drivel. After all, look how well it worked in Russia… and Afghanistan… and Iraq. Come on, getting China to change its ways would be like trying to coerce a frenchman to scrub his nether-regions!

Tomorrow I’ll be funny, promise. Or insulting. Most likely both.


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