Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Don't get me wrong, mind you.

Robots, whether real or imagined, are coolness. I think about robots often during an average workday. I think, "What would Robby the Robot, or perhaps even Tobor the Great do?" when faced with a moral or pedestrian dilemma, like, say, filling a stapler, or reloading the toner in the photocopier, or 'offing' my know-it-all assface co-workers. RoboCop is my hero, I have seen the film 73 times. I wish I was like him. I would love to have one long, black strip of glass instead of two eyes, and no penis.

"Kiss my shiny metal ass", indeed. I love robots. Just not asinine, six legged, minefield traipsing shoe robots (see last post). Those kinds of robots are retarded. RoboCop may have no penis, but he is not retarded, just penis-less.


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