Sunday, April 30, 2006

No Happy Ending

Well, I was mildly disappointed today concerning a massage. It was one of those places that stay open late, and all that that implies. well, i guess implications are not enough, as the place turned out to be a bust on all fronts. Let it be said at this point I was not interested in more than a massage, I'm not that type of bloke, and I can get 'it' very well on my own, thank you verily... But this place confounded me.

All the signs were there when i went in that this joint was 'that' kind of place. the non-english speaking masseuses, the showers within the rooms, the late hours, the signs that say 'no sex' (they only place them there as a conversation starter and to throw off the cops). The biggest giveaway was the horrible and untalented masseuse (massage therapist I think not) who rubbed my back like she was trying to get a stain out of a prom dress, with a desperate aimlessness. When her unable hands violated my aching joints I grew nervous and weary, that the final 'happy ending' would be impending as i lay helpless upon the slab, like some poorly tenderized loin, so much so that my tension spoiled the weak affair even further. But it never came. She just left. And now, as I lay here in my bed, typing this, I am conflicted.

The massage was so awful, it only seems fair to recieve said bonus, as unwilling as I was to recieve it. I think, perhaps, teh offer alone would have been satisfactory, then I could decline and make sense of the situation. How can they stay in business with such poor service? Perhaps I am supposed to initiate? What the hell was that all about? What an odd affair.


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