Friday, May 04, 2007


I have pledged, for now perhaps, to write here as often as possible.
This means, volumetrically, the quantity will rise. If you are of a certain mindset, then, this is good news. However, as in all things, quantity will generally outstrip quality, and the overall standards will most likely collapse into near-laughability.

Oddly, instead of sleepless nights, I find that I slumber quite solemnly.

After all, we live in a world where we have ‘luxury’ jeans and ‘quality’ fast food. If they are allowed the leeway to fool themselves and others, the same may be extended to my person as well.

So, fart jokes are in, cerebral humor is out by the seat of its brain-pan. What? Debate the issues? No, useless and uninformed opines are now paramount here. Respectful retorts are now rightfully replaced with insulting, terse tirades, even in the face of careful and determined thought. No longer need you sit through another dull pontification on the merits of self-respect and self-awareness, I am slipping off the ascot and slipping on the hot pants.


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