Monday, February 05, 2007

User Group? I heardly knew 'er!

I just do not bloody get it anymore.

We have an internal mail system here at my company, and it is utilized by the entire staff, most of which I assume have had some sort of sympathetic rearing and at least a cursory tryst within a hall of greater learning.

However, on a daily basis I am stunned and horrified at the moronic sniping, puerile commentary and incessant back-and-forth detail-shagging and finger pointing. At the use of administration mail groups to expose idiocy within another department in amanner most infantile. People sending 7 meg image attachments of Bill in accounting’s head photoshopped poorly over a snapshot of a flatulent donkey. Spelling that looks as if one simply mashed the keyboard with one’s forehead in a fit if rage. Bloody hell, I’ve a mind to replace the cola vending machine with a diaper dispenser, and initiating time-outs and nappy time.

Off-color humor.
Pictures of bloody cats, kids, cuteness.

Bloody hell. i’d rather mediate a schoolyard, or herd cats. It’s gotta be easier.

Seems that the info age, the facelessness of technology, gives every basement-dweller the opportunity to be Captain Nutsack of the Hairy Beanbag Battalion. Tough guys, hm? Demi-gods? In person, they wouldn’t budge if I let fly and pissed in their lap, all the while massaging melted butter into their scalp.



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