Friday, November 18, 2005

One Word Movie Reviews!!

Well, it's friday and the new spate of films belched forth from the diseased bowels of Hollywon't are upon us. If you are as busy as I am*, you don't have time to read an entire review, let alone the full plethora, in order to make your selection for the evening.

Bless your shallow incestuous heart, you are in luck.

You see, I've looked at a few current releases and boiled it down to a single, solitary word (a stolen concept, but novel) so that you can spend less time reading and more time standing in queue. Who the sweet hell reads these days anyhow? Not I! I don't even proof-read my posts!

here we go, try to keep up.

Jarhead: snafu!

Get Rich or Die Trying: craptacular.

Harry Potter: why?

Rent: deleterious.

Walk the Line: Cash!

Chicken Little: pedomorphic.

A history of Violence: distressing.

Constant Gardener: veracious.


Christmas with the Kranks: erase.

happy viewing!

*obviously not busy enough to write meaningless prattle, though. Idle hands, you know...


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