Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blogmonkey Club EXCLUSIVE!

Hey Kids!

Now that you've become a member you can partake in all the exclusive offers that membership has to offer!

If you've done as you were told, and robbed a family member at knifepoint (you know where to send that cash, right? You'd better, ha ha!) you are elegible for this one-time only offer! Made from the best bear-shaped honey jar I had laying about and some other useless junk I had laying about, a fabulous bong!

That's right, a BONG! Be the first addict on your block! Get ready for the dizzying highs and soul-crushing lows that addiction has to offer! Limited warranty! See? I told you you'd get stuff if you 'do as you're told'!

Get it now, and they'll stop pulling your pants down in public and making fun of your 'wee-wee'!


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