Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The NEW Flat Earth Society

Once again, the US is throwing the spanner into the Kyoto Accord. Now, when i say 'U.S.', I do not mean the average citizen, or even the individual states, but the mucky-mucks in Washington, or, 'geritol' hill. What it boils down to is the current administration will not support claims of global warming or rampant pollution, saying that it is all essentially a hoax. It is truly tantamount to calling the earth flat, without basis or fact. Of all the industrialized countries, the only holdouts are the U.S. and Australia (So desperate are they to be taken seriously by the U.S., that they latch on to any idiotic American protocol).

So deeply entrenched in the fossil fuel industry, this current administration is looking to run the environment into the ground like an old Ford for short-term profit. Essentially, the treatment of the environment is likened to that of a fire sale, where assets are being liquidated at bargain prices so that those with vested interests can take their money and run.

But, run to where? Sure as hell can't bring it with them to hell, where i'm sure they'll wind up, but not before they create a hell on earth. (If you believe in that God-drivel)

It's not like the protocol is working anyway. Canada's greenhouse emissions have RISEN by over 20% since they signed on. It's enough to make David Suzuki hang his head in shame.

So, until somebody does something, I'll be out back burning a pile of tires and picking off endangered species with a pellet gun. Tchuss!


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