Monday, December 05, 2005

What the Hell is Wrong with Bai Ling?

Check this cavalcade of fashion mishap.

When good actresses go blind

Seriously, what the hell is wrong? When did 'porn slut' chic come into style? I think she's a great actress, though marginalized, and can actually look nice when dressed down (see 'The Beautiful Country'). She's in decent shape for a 35 year old, though she's starting to look a bit reedy. I wouldn't kick her outta the sack, is what I think I'm saying. Maybe.

But her fashion sense seems to have been stolen from a drag queen on crack. The items she sports are not sexy, nor flattering, nor tasteful. It seems some clothes have been attacked by savage wombats, and left in tatters. The shorts inch down her thighs, her nipples peek from slits and cracks... she wears wigs that Elton John would gladly burn. Jesus, this kinda stuff got you cut from Star Wars III, you know? (The Playboy thing didn't help either, by the by.)

Listen, sweets. If you are competing for attention, this is not getting you the type you need, unless you ultimately want to make a break into hardcore porn. I luvs ya, but the 'ho clothes gots ta go.

...Are you on 'the drugs'?


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