Monday, July 17, 2006

Beat the Drum Slowly

Hi, just a quicky here, but is Israel bombing the shit out of Lebanon for 3 soldiers (one in Gaza), or am I missing something? Well, just as WW1 began with the inane situation of the murdered Archduke (Nobody that bloated is that well-liked!), I guess this deserves an equally ridiculous excuse.

Listen, I'm not retarded. You can't possibly believe I'd swallow this acrid pigswill without a defiant and cocked brow, knowing full well that, in the mad rush to put each and every soldier in harm's way that, suddenly, their lives are worth a damn to you chest-beating bureaucrats.

You wanna use your toys so bad, any excuse will do, admit that at least. Ten extremists run in, kill 8, whisk away 2 and you bomb the rest of the country to the stone age... killing hundreds? Also, I have not 'conveniently' forgotten that after one soldier... ONE, was taken in the Gaza strip, the Israeli air force instantly sent fighter planes into Lebanese and Syrian territory and buzzed targets, at the same time, just as Bush did after 9-11, INSTANTLY blamed the same two countries with complicity. With little corrobaorated evidence. Innocent until proven guilty is how it works, folks. Take the case to the UN or an international court. Prove it. They are executing without prosecuting... and innocents are dying.

So, soldiers that, under normal military auspices are viewed as little more than cannon fodder, suddenly have become so valuable that the military would waste millions, kill thousands, just to gently cradle the poor G.I., like a suckling lamb, back to the radiant land of Galilee? Bullshit. And fuck you for thinking we'd all swallow any of this. Between this administration and the Bush Kingdom, it would seem that whenever any of them spout rhetoric, they manage not to enlighten but subtract from the fountain of human knowledge.

Hey, neither side I champion as shades of grey make it difficult to determine friend from foe, but I know this: If Britain bombed the living shit out of Ireland over a few nuts in the IRA, we wouldn't sit idly by. Because we're white. Because we're Judeo-Christian.

The government of Israel is criminal. And they've been perpetrating horrors that would make Nazi Germany proud. They are becoming their worst nightmare... and mine. They have an administration so absolutely abhorrent and spiteful you'd have to wait in line to hate them.


Blogger Angela said...

Good post. You raise some valuable and thought-provoking points. I wonder if anyone will stop to listen, or will they continue the bloodshed because it is so much easier to hate than to think...

4:26 p.m.  
Blogger Blog Monkey said...

much easier to hate. definitely.

think of it as the junk food court of the emotional strip mall.

9:36 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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