Friday, June 02, 2006

In Response to my Previous Post

Felt it was important to paste some obvious hate mail and my retort. And I'm leaving it at that. Don't retort if you have no intention of furthering the discussion. I'm not interested in being flamed for throwing some thought around. Everyone who knows me knows I am a progressive thinker who will always deal with heady subjects, even if, like this case, that subject is the darker side of my Id. If responses like this were the norm, I am sure Jung, Freud et al would have been stoned to death at a very young age. (not that I claim to be peers with either, sincerely)

The response generalizes AND insults, not exactly kosher in any debate, but what the hell do you want with knee-jerk armchair prosthelizing?

The retort from 'Scout':
Here BM, pack your horse and take your pick -

...and I'll be happy to throw you a pack lunch on your "Woe is me, for I am no longer 'MAN'" journey.
Just be sure not to scream at, beat, rape, or kill, that woman you're passing when the 'extreme frustration and utter despair' at your inability to be able to fuck everything that moves, comes along.
Think - if you can manage that, you'll be doing something that that a full 51% of the Canadian male population are totally incapable of doing."

And my response (I apologise if i seem angry, but I do not like being attacked):
"Poor scout, typically, manages to bypass the point and jumps to heady conclusions about the orientations of others.

ah, to live in such a state of anger instead of seeing the point. instead of seeing the occasion to begin dialogue, here we have a commentary that veers towards hate and name calling straight ahead. the assumption that i am a polygamist based on my understanding of my biological drives does not make me a beast for aknowledging it exists.

i, unlike you do not see any issue with understanding the feral, basic state, but then again, i believe we are animals, primates whereas you probably believe god created wee-wees to give us shame. go back to thine hutterite community and contine wearing the horse blinders and leave the hard thinking to the rest of us.

oh, nice way to generalize men as well, which makes my point in the first place.

nowhere in the body of my argument did i mention any desire to beat, rape, murder any member of the opposite sex. my frustrations, as i stated, lie in trying to re-wire the desires we all have deep within. i advocate a deeper understanding of the male sexual drive as a way of understanding the gap between men and women, to avoid the 'coming to blows'. however, you want an argument.

because, obviously, you are an intellectual lightweight, always looking for the easy blame. go check , if you know how to cut and paste a link, and bitch about your shitty boyfriend there instead of taking it out on everyone in blogland, k?"


Blogger DaProkah said...

Gotta love those generalizers. They make the world go to ground...

1:22 a.m.  
Anonymous Scout said...

At first view I thought you'd taken a hairy turn at my very first (tongue-in-cheek) line and gone off on a wild tirade of absurd apology.
But having now re-read my post I have to agree that what was intended as somewhat tongue-in-cheek has come off as simply insulting.
So I sincerely apologise Monkey.

8:46 a.m.  
Blogger Contra-Chimpdicated said...

Hey, I hear you Monkey, I got the same issues. My cock just can’t-stop-the-rock. It’s a nuisance, and all too often, inappropriate. All the same you got to expect a little grief when you wail about the trouble ol’ Henry gives you with his nagging. Too much evil has come before, and so your appeal for dialogue smacks of apology. There’s a lot to talk about. Sexual dimorphism plays chicken n’ egg with economics and testosterone isn’t the only chemical raging in your brain. Dialogue is good. Flaming is natural. But none of this beats rolling around in the sack for hours on a Sunday morning. Now Scout, Monkey, our pink bits are not weapons, nor are they toys. They are annoying, irate midgets that make us re-enact the siege of Troy without any pants. It’s cruel, and degrading I know. Luckily, that’s what self-loathing was built for. Play nice.

9:47 a.m.  
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