Friday, November 25, 2005

Ooooh, my Head (Screw You Taxpayer part II)

Harper, forever the power hungry arsegaper, has declared non-confidence in the House of Commons. Hence, a winter/ Christmas/ Chanukkah election. Dumb idea, Spike, cause not only will people hate you for such ridiculous timing... but you will lose. So, you will be not only an unloved, rug-wearing (you ain't foolin' me), homely weiner, but an unloved, rug-wearing,homely weiner who is also a loser. Oh, and the hat's backwards too, Spike.

That retarded vest and cowboy hat may have hinted at it, but the results of the election will prove it. You are a bonafide loser. You have no place running a country, Harper, and neither does that shaven organ-grinder of a mange-afflicted monkey at your side, MacKay, as this shameless aggrandisement shows. The polls will prove it. You obviously have no idea what the people want. The Conservatives continue to do what they have always done best, work against the greater good. The last Conservative government under King Brian sold us down the river, we haven't forgotten. We ain't as dopey as your golf buddies would have you believe. Fie on thee.

Now for the sad facts: The Liberals are a bunch of corrupt mouth-gapers and the NDP have froot-loops for brains. Dare i even bring up the Bloc? The only contest Duceppe could potentially win is a staring contest. The man doesn't blink. I think he sleeps upright in a coffin, but this cannot yet be substantiated as no one has actually seen him sleep. Since only the Liberals have a proven economic track record, the 'devil-you-know' rule applies. Canadians are way too timid for change, if the economy is okay. And Ontario seems to control the vote (hence the reason for most of the griping in this country), so don't expect any changes, as Ontario is about as open to change as Americans are open to differing opinions.

The losers? Well, us. We get to fund yet another inane election in less than a year on our own dime. "Screw you taxpayer", indeed. ...And my headache deepens.


Can I vote myself off the island?


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