Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things to Do on a Rainy Day.

It's raining again, can you believe it? The East Coast is acting all West-like, saturated in a foul-smelling rain.

...I did manage to carve a Tarbosaurus footprint, though. I threatened an employee with it.

I also managed to squeak out a Confuciusornis wing pattern. Odd bird, that. still had a manus like a theropod.

I went to the gym, sweated, emptied my bowel and took a Sauna. Fortunately, that was the order, and none of the above were done in tandem. Well, technically, 'sweated' could be applied to the sauna as well. Even though I did fart in the sauna, that hardly applies as 'emptying my bowel'.

I am at work. In my office. The walls are a soothing yellow and I'm looking at photos of my ex-girlfiends and trying to find creative, fiendish methods of come-uppance.

I'm thinking of dinner. Chinese? What's her name? Bad joke? You don't know me, so keep your judgements for your friends in AA and the guy at the bank who has one sole eyebrow.

I am thinking of buying a condo. And a hat. A nice one. A nice hat. And a condo. I feel it should be nice too, and in a nice area. My neighbors freak me out, and there are mullets in my vicinity. I was told the other day that a restaurant in my area was good by one of the denizens. upon further questioning, the main reasoning for such conclusions were the portion sizes, and that alone. I became sad and went home, removing my pants and watched the news. Hungry.

I'm hungry again today. Chinese. I heard that the 'Hong Kong House' has large portions. Good enough for me.